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How one can Elevate Your Consciousness, Coming from the Level of Wretched to the Level of Wizard inside 18 Months?

raise your consciousness

It is possible to Increase Your Consciousness, Coming from the Level of Wretched towards the Level of Wizard in 18 Months?

I had a chat with a pal of mine. She’s the type of buddy that’s in and out of my life… she lives a dramatic existence and she really needs assistance, technical, well being, money, legal… that’s the reasons for our relationship.

I used to be the kind of person she is now, and I have got empathy. She doesn’t bring me down, and i also delight in her one of a kind view of life… she happens to be a transgendered, came into this world a guy, amd she now lives as a woman. She never changed her name… she at one time got kicked out of an apartment simply because her real name said Jeffrey (not necessarily the woman’s real name.)

I was recounting to her the remarkable rise of my own consciousness… and she asked exactly what she might do in order to raise hers.

raising your own consciousnessI appeared what has been an important factor in raising mine, and I identified something she could relate with, because she reached the age (54) where she is thinking about giving back.

The story I shared with her began 20 months ago. A past coach of mine asked me if I wanted to teach a course for her for a calendar year. I said yes. She started to speak regarding the pay… and I suggested: I really don’t want you to be paying me. I wish to undertake it because I want to do it, not for money.

Now, why would I say no to a 6-7 thousands of dollar fee, and rather doing the work as a volunteer? Was I independently rich? Was I mad? Crazy like a fox.

I saw a great opportunity. I had never ever successfully coached online marketing before, particularly the attitude element I had a real issue before. I saw this opportunity in which I could try things out and find things that works, learn a great deal, expand a great deal, and fulfill on a desire of mine to turn into competent in an issue I had been so-so at.

I didn’t need to market this program. I didn’t need to speak about money. I didn’t need to do anything else but train these folks the actual things they needed to turn out to be internet marketers that make money, in a year.

I was making preparations for every class. I was doing research. I learned a lot about new techniques to approach people. I learned about fresh ways people can be trained. I provided 24-30 hours every week to this particular project.

Insane, right? Wrong.

I had gratitude in my soul. I was the person who got a gift. I was a lot like Howard Roarke when it comes to Cortland Homes… I wanted to try my own concepts, and I didn’t care to be paid for it, as this purchased me flexibility to be able to truly check it out, and have “artistic” integrity.

The truth that I wasn’t a very effective instructor, and the class dispersed towards the end of the season didn’t alter this particular result: I have learned more than from any graduate program, PhD program, library of books: I found out exactly what worked well and what didn’t.

And being able to hold the appreciation within my soul for being asked to perform my life’s work, I experienced an outcome of a massive improvement in my consciousness.

Such a deal.

Now, how may you raise YOUR consciousness by performing a thing similar?

1. Pick a skill that you need sharpening.
2. Look for a position that normally pays money utilizing this talent, but offer your services totally free.
3. Perform the best job you possibly can without being subservient to the company. Do this for its own sake. Do it to learn. Do this and also become grateful pertaining to the chance.
4. Never expect anything for what you did, aside from the opportunity of being able to perform what you do. Not even years afterwards. Not even inside your heart. Not necessarily even when you feel angry.
5. Don’t do it to aid someone. Don’t do it from the goodness of your heart. These are generally low-low consciousness.

Mother Theresa did what she did for herself, for her own reason. For what’s achievable for a single little Albanian nun, not to ever help.

The Christian model of living life is bankrupt. It reduces the consciousness of the planet.1

Be very independent.

Watch as your consciousness increases.